NationalESL EPS Season IX Final Results!

Congratulations to all the teams that participated!

After an entire season of mind-blowing, meta creating action, LMQ Tc iBuyPower takes first place after an amazing Best of Three vs. Curse Academy in a result of 2-1!
LMQ, often looked to be the favorite team in the entire NA challenger scene, defied even the highest of expectations, refusing to drop a single match throughout the entire season. Curse Academy put up an amazing fight tonight and was able to win a game, a feat in itself.


Full Standings!


1st: $6700 LMQ Tc iBuyPower
2nd: $3200 Curse Academy
3rd: $1600 Team LoLPro

4th-7th:$700 CompLexity.Red
4th-7th:$700 NoDiceGaming
4th-7th:$700 Team Girlfriends
4th-7th:$700 Mortality E-Sports


Check out the full brackets here!


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