ESL Pro Series Season X Week 3 Preview

Week 3 of the ESL Pro Series Season X is upon us, and we have a week of great matches in store for everyone!

Week 3 of the ESL Pro Series Season X is upon us, and we have a week of great matches in store for everyone! Matches will begin on Monday, June 16th with Area of Effect taking on Team LoLPro, followed by Frank Fang Gaming facing off against XDG Virtus to round off the night. Matches continue the next day with Curse Academy squaring off against NoDice Gaming, with Team 8 wrapping up the week with Team Coast.


Area of Effect vs Team LoLPro (6/16/14 17:30PDT / 20:30PDT)


Kicking off the week for us is Area of Effect up against Team LoLPro. Recently we saw LoLPro take on Frank Fang Gaming in the North American Challenger Series, where they won their Best of 3 match 2-0 and allows them to compete in the NACS finals in London. With this momentum they’ll be aiming to get a win this week to rise up from their 6th place spot on the standings. Area of Effect, however, has proven to be a strong contender in the EPS as they took a game off of Team 8 and 2-0’d FFG last week, which leaves them sitting in first place alongside Team Coast and Team 8. LoLPro shouldn’t take AoE lightly in this coming match.

Frank Fang Gaming vs XDG Virtus (6/16/14 19:30PDT / 22:30PDT)


For the last match of the night, Frank Fang Gaming and XDG Virtus will battle it out for a more secure footing on the leaderboard. FFG couldn’t manage to pick up a win against Area of Effect last week, while XDG picked up a comfortable 2 wins against NoDice Gaming, who was previously at the top of the leaderboard. FFG needs to be prepared coming in to this match if they want to get back on their feet this season.


Curse Academy vs NoDice Gaming (6/17/14 17:30PDT / 20:30PDT)


Curse Academy and NoDice Gaming kick off Week 3 Day 2 in what should be an interesting match. Both rosters have undergone quite a few changes lately, and it seems NDG has been more successful with it as they sit at a comfortable 4th place. Curse Academy need this win more than anything if they want  to claw their way up from 7th. They have plenty of time before playoffs, but they have to get going now to gain their momentum.


Team 8 vs Team Coast (6/17/14 19:30PDT / 22:30PDT)


For the last match of the week we have Team 8 up against former LCS team Coast. We last saw Team Coast in the EPS back in Season VIII, where they won 1st place against Curse Academy. Now that they’re back in the Challenger scene, they’re faced with stronger opposition, especially against Team 8 who have been known to step up their game when it matters most. Both teams are known for being strong in the Challenger scene, so be sure to see this match as it is bound to be exciting.



by Tanner “KimTheNukeJongUn” Westman





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