EPS Season IX Play-offs Day 3 Recap

As the final day of Season IX kicked off, Curse Academy and LMQ face off in a battle of titanic proportions!

The grand finals kicked off with Curse Academy up against the seemingly invincible LMQ, it was back and forth but eventually LMQ did what they do best and took the smallest advantage and stretched it into a game winning snowball.


Grand Final - Curse Academy vs LMQ

Game one between LMQ and Curse Academy started with very normal picks and bans.
In game, on the blue side, LMQ got an early lead and used it to their advantage to snowball the game in their favor. Curse worked very hard to keep up but eventually fell behind in kills, gold, and objectives. LMQ took the nexus from Curse Academy in just under 30 minutes.


Game two was much closer throughout the beginning of the game. Curse Academy picked up first blood and the next 3 kills, giving them a very definite kill lead over LMQ. However, LMQ was able to keep up with them in gold using objectives to their advantage. Though the kill score was 19-7 in favor of Curse Academy at the end of the game, LMQ was able to keep Curse on their toes until the very end.


In the finale, LMQ was able to pick up first blood on Duocek’s Kayle during a duel in midlane, giving LMQ an early gold lead. Using this small lead, LMQ was able to take a mile and snowball all of their lanes. Curse Academy was eventually forced to surrender at only 20 minutes. With this win, LMQ won the first place title and winnings.


With season IX coming to a close we wrap up our pro series for a few weeks here at National ESL. With some impressive teams and even more impressive plays it's sure going to be hard to top this season. Stay tuned for more information about our new upcoming season.

See you in Season X!


If you missed any matches or just want to see them again be sure to check out our VoDs on Nesl LoL.


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