EPS Season IX Play-offs Day 1 Recap

Day 1 of our play-offs saw the rift rocking as the best challenger teams faced off with explosive results!

This Friday the 18th of April saw Day 1 of our EPS Finals kick off with Team LoLPro going up against CompLexity.Red and Curse Academy versus No Dice Gaming. The winner of each match will go on to face LMQ Tc iBuyPower and Cloud9 HyperX Tempest tomorrow respectively.



Match 1 - Team LoLPro vs CompLexity.Red

Game 1 saw Team LoLPro push hard, gaining an early gold and level advantage while CompLexity.Red made a lot of risky plays which didn't turn out in their favour. A late game Baron attempt allowed Team LoLPro to capitalize and score and Ace and subsequently push for the win.

Game 2 kicked off going all in CompLexity.Red's favor when they broke out early with a large kill and gold lead with Fragnatic on LeBlanc and KN Inc on Kha'Zix dominating the early and mid game and racking up kills left, right, and center. Much to everyone's surprise, Team LoLPro managed to crawl back in the late game by playing defensively and eventually gaining the gold lead despite two straight Barons to CompLexity.Red. After a Baron-buffed push gone wrong, Team LoLPro turned the tables and patiently ground down CompLexity.Red for the win, moving on to face LMQ Tc iBuyPower tomorrow.


Match 2 - Curse Academy vs No Dice Gaming

In Game 1 of this series Curse Academy took a commanding early and mid game lead, jumping ahead in gold and taking down all 6 non-base turrets of No Dice Gaming before 22 minutes. This map control led to Curse Academy taking a free Baron, slowly laying siege and ending the game in their favor before the 30 minute mark.

Game 2 ramped up; No Dice Gaming wasn’t playing the long game any more. They came out swinging, scoring an early kill lead despite Curse Academy maintaining the gold lead through farm and objectives. The mid game saw Curse Academy patiently clear the jungle around Baron and wait to steal it whilst No Dice Gaming were clearing dragon; this lead to a slow and systematic push in on No Dice Gamings base by Curse Academy. Eventually the pressure lessened after losing two inhibitors as Curse Academy broke off to pick up another Baron buff. Out of desperation, No Dice Gaming attempted to capitalize on this. Unfortunately for them, Curse Academy managed to pick up the Baron, the Ace, and then the win, taking the series in a staggering 2-0! They will go on to face Cloud9 HyperX Tempest tomorrow.


Day 2

With Day 2 looming on the horizon, we will have Team LoLPro going up against LMQ Tc iBuyPower, who have been a juggernaut this season after remaining undefeated week after week. This match goes down at 5:30pm PST.

Immediately afterwards Curse Academy will take on Cloud9 HyperX Tempest, our number 2 & 3 seeds with only a single win's difference between them, duking it out for a spot in the grand final on Sunday!


Day 2 starts Saturday April 19th at 5:30pm PST so be sure to tune into Nesl LoL to find out just who will make it to the grand final for a share of the 15,000USD Prize pool as Season IX of the National ESL Pro Series comes to a close!


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