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10.03.2014 15:16 (Cat: Top Story) League Grand Finals

Get ready for the biggest eSports event yet!

30.01.2014 10:31 (Cat: Top Story)

Season 3 Recap Videos

If you missed the finals or just want to relive the experience we have you covered.

27.01.2014 15:54 (Cat: Top Story)

Season Finals Day 2 Recap

After two days of great tank action, a champion has been crowned in the third season of the European League!

25.01.2014 04:36 (Cat: Top Story)

Season Finals Day 1 Recap

The first day of the Season 3 finals has come to an end and two teams have advanced to the playoffs.

23.01.2014 15:20 (Cat: Top Story)

Tychy is ready for the finals

It's almost time for the Season 3 Finals! We are only a few hours away from the start of the pre-playoffs and sparks are already flying through the air. The teams are slowly arriving and getting ready for tomorrows matches.

22.01.2014 15:42 (Cat: Top Story)

A reintroduction to the basics

Only 2 more days until the European Season 3 Finals. And while Tychy is slowly getting transformed into a haven for tanks fans, we look to freshen up the rules of the competition.

21.01.2014 16:09 (Cat: Top Story)

Déjà Vu: A look at the previous Season Finals

The Season 3 Finals are only three days away and the teams are getting ready to travel down to Tychy, Poland. Many of the competitors that are joining us this season's finals have been to the previous seasons. We take a look back at the last season and the teams performance in each of them.

20.01.2014 14:32 (Cat: Top Story)

The Final Six: Virtus.Pro

Champions of the second season of the League, Virtus.Pro have proven once more that they are a team with a lot of skill. Finishing in second place this Season, the team had another amazing performance.

19.01.2014 16:27 (Cat: Top Story)

The Final Six: Team Dignitas

The amazing performance Dignitas displayed during the season earned them a spot in the semi-finals of the European Season three Finals. They await one of the four teams coming out of the first day.

17.01.2014 16:30 (Cat: Top Story)

The Final Six: Evil Panda Squad

The mainly Polish team, Evil Panda Squad will be defending their country's honor at the European Season 3 Finals.

17.01.2014 16:20 (Cat: Top Story)

The Final Six: Kazna Kru

Finishing Season 3 of the European League in fifth place qualified team Kazna Kru for the Season 3 Finals in Tychy, Poland. Ahead of the action we caught up with team captain, still_mojo.

15.01.2014 17:17 (Cat: Top Story)

Season 3 Finals: Match Preview

9 days remain until the start of the European League Season finals. Today we take a look at the first matchups and ask our casters who they take will make it through.

14.01.2014 17:23 (Cat: Top Story)

The Final Six: Lemming Train

Third place Season 3 WGLEU finishers, Lemming Train, are looking to impress at the Season 3 European Finals in Tychy, Poland.

13.01.2014 15:19 (Cat: Top Story)

The Final Six: DeNova

Having qualified in fourth place ahead of the Season Finals, DeNova has just a short climb before they can call themselves champions.

10.01.2014 11:10 (Cat: Top Story)

Mousesports becomes Lemming Train

After eight months under the flag of mousesports the team and organisation part ways

08.01.2014 14:18 (Cat: Top Story)

The League heads to Poland

The European Season 3 Finals are just around the corner and with it comes the final chance for players to qualify for the Global Finals in Poland. The six best teams in Europe will battle it out in Tychy, Poland on the 24th and the 25th of January to decide who will make it to the Global Finals.

06.01.2014 13:04 (Cat: Top Story)

Season 3 Relegation results

The relegation matches have come to an end and three teams have qualified for the next season of the European League.

12.12.2013 11:37 (Cat: Top Story)

eSports Show – Season 2, Episode 2

The eSports Show: WGL NA, Shenanigans in Go4WoT and ProTips from team DeNova!

03.12.2013 16:52 (Cat: Top Story)

Relegation matches, end of season and new faces.

The dust might have settled but there are still battles to be fought. Who will leave us this season and who can we expect in the next one?

27.11.2013 15:09 (Cat: Top Story)

Ingame Statistics

Ever wondered which tanks last the longest on the battlefield and which maps result in the quickest games? We now have you covered!

25.11.2013 12:35 (Cat: Top Story)

Regulation and rule violations

Due to several complaints and the application of rules, we had to take action against some of the teams in the league.

21.11.2013 17:08 (Cat: Top Story)

The final matchday

The season comes to a close and the top 4 has already been decided, but which teams will join them as we head towards the playoffs?

20.11.2013 16:46 (Cat: Top Story)

The eSports Show - Season 2, Episode 1

In this episode of the eSports Show by Wargaming, they take a look at Vegas, European Proleague and more!

18.11.2013 14:33 (Cat: Top Story)

Matchday 20 Recap

The end of the season is in sight and the playoffs are getting closer and closer. Top 6 advances, who will make it?

18.11.2013 13:11 (Cat: Top Story)

Matchday 19 Recap

The final battles, the last points and the end in sight. Four matchdays remain for teams to prove their worth.

12.11.2013 17:21 (Cat: Top Story)

Matchday 18 Recap

As the season almost comes to a close, the top 2 in the league face off against one another to decide the strongest team.

07.11.2013 15:15 (Cat: Top Story)

Matchday 17 Recap

6 matchdays remain and the tension is rising in the middle of the rankings. As teams face off for the last time every decision is now crucial and points wont be won as easily.

05.11.2013 10:07 (Cat: Top Story)

Matchday 15 & 16

The season has taken a strange turn as Mousesport is taking down opponent after opponent, how will they fare this week?

29.10.2013 11:10 (Cat: Top Story)

Patch 8.9 - Team Mode

With 8.9 comes the new 7/42 'Team Mode' specifically designed with eSports in mind

25.10.2013 21:02 (Cat: Top Story)

Matchday 14 Recap

Crazy things happening in the league Will Dignitas fall again and can Mousesport keep up their performance?